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What some lag switch websites don’t tell you.

by on Nov.29, 2008, under Lag Help

When your’re using a wired or non-wired lag switch you can’t keep it on for the whole period. You must turn it off once after 10-15 seconds rarely 20 seconds, because if you do exceed the time limitation your game console will pick it up and log you off from the internet on the game.

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5 comments for this entry:
  1. me

    who ever cheats on a game is a sad low life, surley your not that crap at games that you need to cheat =/

    if you can’t play a game without cheating dont play atal, leave the real gamers too it, cause obviously your not one of us. fools!

  2. Wormcult

    i think sometimes its appropriate. when you spawn on a map with a hand gun and everyone else already has choppers with heavy guns, or bazookas, or cars running you over, or its a bunch of people teaming up on you, and you are just trying to get away from these persistent assholes that want to take advantage of you spawning with nothing while they have everything. fuck that. if you want people not to use cheats then start playing fair yourselves for a change. you know when you do things that are wrong and you do them anyway because you dont fall into the ‘cheater’ category in the eyes of most people, since the ‘cheaters’ are the glitchers and the laggers. sure a lot of the time, having power can corrupt, so being able to freeze time and run behind someone is appealing, but for the most part i think if you were decent to the other players and didnt try to make them feel like shit all the time, maybe they would respect you enough to give you the type of game you really want. i think of the times i glitch, and its always the assholes that bring it out in me. the people who are really good maybe but not necessarily interested in a fair fight, just a kill. you know who you are. i have seen some of you play horribly, and by horribly i mean you do shitty things to the other players. some of you use your skills or weapon/vehicle advantages to bully new people spawning on the maps. when you create that kind of atmosphere what do you think is going to happen? it all boils down to respect, all conflicts do. if you cant respect other players, they will not respect you either. you’re just mad when you think someone deserves to be one of your kills for whatever reason like “i have a chopper with machine guns and he was on foot with a knife dammit!! he was supposed to die!! not me!!” people like you get mad over that shit all the time. sometimes you come back a few times to try and make that person die, and if you keep getting killed you just start doing stupid shit like suicide bombing the person in their vantage point to get them to respawn, or you bring in all your friends and gang up on them until they die, just because you feel they need to be your kill for whatever reason. get over it. some people have a few tricks up their sleeve and if you disrespect them, thats when the gloves come off and they do whatever it is they do to make you grind your teeth they way you meant them to grind theirs. its a two way street. try being decent to the other players for a change. dont be a bad winner. if you win dont rub it in their face. if you lose dont throw a tantrum either. its just a game. you should be able to laugh and converse with the people you are attacking. its meant to be fun…not some dumb personal challenge for your ego to dominate theirs and make someone else feel worthless to make yourself feel better. if thats how it is you need to stop playing games and seek therapy. im sick of people who rail on ‘cheaters’ all the time. i know there are some problem gamers out there with glitch and lag abuse, but there are also a lot of people with the wrong attitude who take the games way too seriously and ruin all the fun for people.

    and btw people if you use a lag switch on the PS3 you get your account banned, so use at your own risk.

  3. A Very Astute Individual

    i like how the guy above us is hatin on lag switches on
    “lagswitch . net”
    What a dumbass

  4. Wormcult

    lol i know right? its funny how those people end up on these sites.

    I just want to correct something in my previous post. If you use a lag switch on the PS3 in ‘free mode’ on GTA4 you will be fine. This may be subject to change of course but I doubt it will. The banning happens if you use the switch for any of the ranked matches, Deathmatch, Dealbreaker, anything where you are getting points and ranks. Pretty much an instant ban. It does kind of prove that they (PSN) know when you are doing it and are able to stop you, but have chosen to let it slide in Free Mode. So maybe its offically ‘ok’ under certain gaming environments?

  5. brian

    i only get 8 seconds of lag time how do you get longer lag time?? is there a certain setup or special way to make a lag switch??

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